Easy registration

Each attendee registers and pays directly online and receives a personalised confirmation email detailing where they need to be and at what time..

Accommodation for all

Whether your event is in Lyon or Paris and whether you need 300 hotel rooms or 3,000, we can recommend the best hotels and manage bookings.

A warm welcome

The last-minute event rush is just part of the job for us. We can handle access control, last-minute registrations and payments, and anything else that comes up. Our goal? To keep everyone smiling on the big day.

Secure payments and collections

We can accept registration fees online, by credit card, check, or payment order form directly from attendees. We can also handle collections to make sure your event’s cash flow stays on track.

Abstracts and proceedings in and out on time

We have developed specific processes for abstract submissions as well as a collaborative workflow that enables the scientific committee and outside experts to review papers submitted and finalise the event proceedings.

Easy exhibits and displays

Let us handle each exhibitor’s specific requirements. We will make sure everything is perfect down to the last detail, like the number of electrical outlets at each table or booth!

Pampered speakers

Give your speakers the VIP treatment. We can handle pick-ups and transfers, accommodation, and anything else your speakers need to ensure their stay is an enjoyable one.

Proud sponsors

Our sponsorship development team can identify potential sponsors, close sponsorship deals, and collect sponsorship payments − thereby streamlining your event financing.

Networking opportunities

We can handle the advance scheduling of one-on-one meetings to ensure that your attendees get an excellent return on the time they invest in your event.

Precious downtime

Give your attendees time to unwind with evening receptions, outings, and other social events. It is often the “after-hours” extras that make an event memorable.

Dinner receptions that stand out

The dinner reception is a great way to give attendees a chance to meet each other and build relationships they will keep long after the event is over.

And so much more

A successful event is in the details. And for every detail, we have a tried and tested solution. Talk to us about how we can help make your event a fantastic one.