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  • A strong track record in scientific event planning

We have developed and fine-tuned our scientific event planning services with leading scientific and medical institutions like the CEA, CNRS, MINATEC, Cancéropôle, CHU de Lyon, and Institut National Polytechnique. Today you can give your event the same level of service and support as the leading players in scientific research!

I would first like to extend my sincerest thanks for your friendly, professional help with putting on our event. I’m not sure who will be in charge of organizing it in two year’s time, but whoever it is I’ll be sure to tell them to contact you.Docteur Bernard PIGNON, Cellular Therapy Unit, Hôpital Maison Blanche, Reims, France

Now that the conference is over I’d like to thank you for all your hard work. Everyone had a great time and the event went off without a hitch, in terms of both the technical aspects and organization. A lot of people attended – even more than we had initially expected. And we got quite a bit of extremely positive feedback. Everything as very progressional – bravo ! Pascal Vivet, Engineer, Researcher at the French Atomic and Alternative Energy commission, MINATEC 

On behalf of the entire ICALEPCS organisation committee, I would like to thank Raphaël and Anya for their helpful attitude and friendly, efficient service. And thanks also to Frédéric for his excellent job putting together such a successful conference dinner!  Anne-Françoise Maydew, Head of the ICALEPCS organization committee  European Synchrotron Radiation Facility

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